Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Winter Trip to Edinburgh

In November I was lucky enough to explore Edinburgh with my boyfriend Charlie, best friend Emily and her boyfriend Patrick. We went for a long weekend, Friday morning until Sunday evening. I was so nervous about the long train journey, but apart from it being delayed by over an hour, it went pretty well. I did end up printing the wrong tickets which would have been a disaster if it wasn't for the lovely man working at the train station!

There were no Ubers available when we arrived, so we had to walk with our luggage to the Airbnb which was a bit of a pain and the weather came as a shock - but it was lovely arriving to a hug from my bestie and being able to snuggle up under a blanket to warm up!

On the first afternoon, we took a walk around the city and ended up in Starbucks where we just sat with Christmas drinks and talked for ages. It was lovely! We then ordered the biggest burritos I have ever seen on - my first Deliveroo experience was a total success!

On the second day, we explored more of the Christmas markets and did a lot of Christmas shopping. It was cold but so fun. We ate vegan haggis in Hendersons which was incredible. I definitely recommend visiting Hendersons if you are ever about in Edinburgh, amazing vegan and vegetarian food! The vegan haggis was a bit like stuffing really, paired with mash it was the ideal comfort meal after being in the cold!

The Christmas market was absolutely packed but so fun. We bought ourselves some Scotland Christmas tree ornaments and I won a gingerbread man on 'hook a duck', which Charlie described as 'The easiest game of hook a duck ever' but I was still pretty pleased with myself!

I have officially fallen head over hills in love with Edinburgh and can't wait to go back. I'd love to see it in the summertime (although chances are it won't be much warmer!)

Have you ever been? I'd love some recommendations of where to go on my next visit!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Crafty Creatives Subscription Box Review - Autumnal Woodland Garland!

I am a huge fan of anything crafty and always have been, so when I saw a tweet from Crafty Creatives asking for bloggers to review their monthly crafts subscription box, I had to get involved! The idea behind this box is that every month you get an exciting box filled with everything you need to craft away! As well as the supplies, they send detailed instructions on what you need to do. I love browsing Pinterest for craft ideas, but a lot of the time it involves a little bit of a lot of materials, which can get expensive. That is why I love the idea of being sent just enough of everything!

This months box was a woodland animal garland. I was over the moon with this - it looks like something I'd pick up in Homesense! They provided more than enough felt and stuffing, as well as buttons, little black clips for the eyes and numbered templates to cut around.

This also wasn't a quick craft as such. Each individual animal doesn't take a huge amount of time, but it isn't a craft that is over in 5 minutes. This gives you a months worth of crafting time - plenty to be doing until you receive your next box!

Another thing I like about this craft is that you can make it personal to you. It is so easy to change a few things! I decided to split mine into two separate garlands to fit onto my book shelf and I think they add the perfect Autumn touch to my room!

I think my favourite animal is the badger, it's one that I'd never have thought to make on my own! Which is your favourite?

You can find out more about these crafty subscription boxes here :

Friday, 15 September 2017

I Have A Problem and That Problem is Mugs

About a year ago, my best friend Emily told me about her Pinterest board dedicated to mugs. I'm not even going to pretend that I thought anything weird of it, because I straight away set up my own mug shrine. There is something soothing about a perfectly round, cutely designed mug. Maybe you disagree - but I think everybody has a favourite mug they search the cupboard for every morning when making that first coffee. You know the one!

* Bambi mug from Primark *

Mug storage, however, is a problem. There are only so many cupboards that can be dedicated to mugs. I have started using mine as pen pots and even plant pots. They pop up all over our home! I also think that if you are even in search of a gift for someone, mugs are ideal. Fill it with hot chocolate sachets or sweets and you're good to go!

Here are some (okay, a lot, a huge amount) of the mugs I have been coming across online. ENJOY!

Which mug is your favourite? Let me know! 

Kate x